Who are we?


Dip. VN


Leanne Wreakes-Fallen

Havenwyck Pets is owned and operated by a qualified Veterinary Nurse who has a special interest in Animal Behavior and Environmental Stimulation for animals. There are a few key differences in our store that sets us apart from others.

We take an active stand on the Animal Welfare and strive to uphold the Code of Temporary Housing for which we are governed by. In this code there is a Minimum Standard and a Best Practice. It is our aim to maintain ourselves as a Best Practice Pet Store. This means we do everything for the welfare of the animal - we provide correct housing, feeding and environments for each species we house. 

Our aim is to educate and provide the latest animal welfare information to our customers to ensure our animals live their lives to the fullest.

The products we have in store also reflect this, we sell what we recommend and use ourselves. We pride ourselves on sourcing from local companies and finding the right product for you.

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2 Coquet Street 


New Zealand

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